Leisure Property Finance Case Study

Leisure Property Finance Case Study

The clients were tenants in a leased public house. From a low trading base, the husband and wife team worked hard and increased the wet and dry sales with promotions and improving the standard of the food.

They had some really great ideas for increasing the trade even further but something was holding them back. On investigation, these turned out to be.

  • They had some money but felt unappreciated by the brewery and did not want to invest too heavily improving a property and business they did not own.
  • There were some cosmetic improvements needed at the pub that the brewery would not support even though it would be improving the fabric of the building.  The clients felt that these improvements were essential for future development.
  • The clients wanted to own a community asset, in particular, really making the pub the centre of the community with league darts and football teams and community activities when the trade was quieter.

In short, they wanted to own their own pub but could not find enough deposit.

Once the clients had contacted one of our Consultants, we quickly arranged a face-to-face meeting one evening at their business.  The clients had tried a number of other Brokers but, despite paying out on non-refundable fees, were not able to pursue their dream of owning their own pub.  They had some money towards a deposit but not enough to buy a suitable property

Our solution was to make a presentation to our contact in one of the country’s largest breweries.  Within three days, we met again with the clients and arranged an interest free loan to bridge the gap between what the clients could find as deposit and what was required by the lender.  The loan would be repaid from discount on the beer.

The clients were delighted their dream could be realised so quickly and now the pub is running as a real community asset.  This has improved the living standard of the clients, improved the community with a new Mother and Toddler group and there are sports teams with a minibus supplied by the clients where there was none before.

All in all, everyone was a winner thanks to All Property Finance.

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