East Sussex based bicycle importer

East Sussex based bicycle importerWe needed to remortgage our business property and pay off the overdraft.  Our bank had transferred us to Specialised Lending (not a nice as it sounds) and wanted their money back.

A consultant from All Property Finance came to see us and found a standalone lender.  We remortgaged at a better interest rate than we had with our bank.  There is no Relationship Manager and no Reviews so we can get on with our business.  The consultant has kept in touch and we are now looking to develop some land at the rear of the unit and also buy a house for our employees to rent.  We have come back to All Property Finance for a good deal.

Loan: £950,000
Terms: Base rate + 2% over a 25-year term

West Midlands based property developer and investor

West Midlands based property developer and investorThe company needed to remortgage a number of residential units within two attached large house conversions.  I had tried a number of Brokers but met with no success.

Through the Internet, I contacted All Property Finance who immediately came up with an innovative approach and we remortgaged very quickly.  I went back subsequently to fund a development site, prior to residential planning, and he is now arranging development funding for the build when the planning is formally accepted.
Loan: £500,000
Terms: Base rate + 2% over a 20-year term

West Midlands based Property Developer

West Midlands based Property DeveloperWe had bought a development site and we needed to complete on the site and arrange funding for the build.

I contacted All Property Finance through the Internet and a consultant came to see me immediately.  He made his presentation and arranged a meeting with the lender, which he attended with me.  He quickly arranged all the funding we needed.

The site was built on time and within budget but I have been unable to sell the units.  The consultant has kept in touch and even though his involvement has ended, he has negotiated with the lender for more time and has helped me find tenants for the units.

He is in the process of arranging an alternative funding package at a more competitive rate to pay off the development finance.

I have no hesitation in recommending All Property Finance to any developer or investor looking for funding.

Loan: £558,000
Terms: 1.25% per month

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